SEX Tips: 3 Unexpected Foods to Avoid Before Sex!

I was having a weekend shopping trip with my wife last week when I accidentally stumbled into a conversation about various foods that we should avoid before having SEX! That’s weird.

It rooted from a gorgeous lady who suddenly approached us. She’s actually my wife’s long lost friend who eventually became one of the renowned Sydney Escorts NSW. Well, that was stunning!

There are lots of foods that she actually mentioned. But these 3 (below) really strikes me like an arrow! (They’re my favorites!) And to assure that what I heard is true, I did some researches. Anyway, she was totally right.

hot-dog-variety1. Hot dogs

“Don’t be upset hot dog lovers!”

In spite of the fact that this food is most loved in any celebration, it’s still listed as a threat in boosting your sex drive. What?!

According to Jacqueline Richard, Psyd, an affirmed sex specialist in Santa Barbara, CA., “The late spring staple’s high immersed fat substance obstructs the penile and vaginal courses, making not really prime circumstances for a hot time.”

So, instead of hot dogs, Dr. Richard proposes fish tacos! Its omega-3 unsaturated fats can help the cardiovascular realm – to aid sexual boost.

Peppermint2. Peppermint

“I know…awful breath is a mood killer.”

Of course, you have to put out that bad breath (at least). But you should also know that the menthol in peppermint has been shown to diminish testosterone levels – sending sex drive plunging, explains by Dr. Richard.

The truth is chewing actually brings more air into your body’s framework – making you burp! But if mint’s a must before the ‘gig,’ Robyn Youkilis, a guaranteed well-being mentor and author of Your Healthiest You recommends peppermint tea. It’s moderately low in menthol and more superior to gum for digestion.

french fries3. French Fries

“Say no to Mr. potatoes!”

If erotic adventures are what you’re aiming for, certainly, avoid eating everyone’s favorite – French fries!

(Especially before diving to sexual battle) Its trans-fat content can contrarily affect testosterone levels and digestion. Plus, its high salt substance can also make it trickier for those men who have hypertension in sustaining erection.

If you’re craving for potatoes, Dr. Richard suggests consuming a baked one instead. It releases the chemical dopamine, enhancing your time between the sheets. But if you couldn’t resist it…oh, your best asset is in trouble!

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