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The Real Score Behind GHB & Other Date Rape Drugs

Date Rape DrugsWhile it was quite safe for women to go to parties, dance clubs and even rock concerts before, the proliferation of “date rape drugs” like GHB, ketamine and rohypnol and others, are making the party scene look terrifying and sinister today. Date rape drugs are odorless and colorless, and can easily be slipped into someone’s drink. Once ingested, they can cause amnesia or temporary paralysis, making easier for women (and men) to fall prey to rape or sexual assault. Here’s a look at the real facts behind date rape drugs.

What Makes Date Rape Drugs So Effective?

There are many reasons why date rape drugs are the preferred tool of sexual predators. First, these drugs are hard to detect, because they’re odorless, tasteless and colorless. Second, all the traces of these drugs leave the body within just 72 hours, and are tough to find in a blood test or toxicology screen.

Third, GHB and other date rape drugs are fast-acting agents, and can quickly take effect once ingested by the person. They usually render the guy or girl unconscious yet responsive, but they’ll have little or no memory of what took happens next, especially if the substance is still active in their system.

Date rape drugs also make the person act without any inhibitions, whether in a physically affectionate or sexual manner. These also elminate the person’s ability to think clearly, or make the right decisions, thus makings them willing or passive victims. Most victims are also totally unaware that they’ve been assaulted or raped the night before.

What Are The Tell-Tale Signs That You’ve Ingested A Date Rape Drug?

Why use a date rape drug, when you can call the hot and lovely Sydney escorts nsw in your area, for a night of clean fun, and hot sex? Well, we don’t really know what goes on inside the mind of a criminal. But anyway, according to law-enforcement and sex experts, it’s quite hard to detect if you’ve just ingested a date rape drug (and this warning is both guys and girls).

But If you see signs of bruising (especially in the genital or anal area), scratches in the shoulder or back, traces of semen and bodily fluid on clothes, used condoms near you or in nearby trash bins, this could indicate that something happened to you while you passed out.

And since the individual may have been so intoxicated when the drug was slipped into their drink, a reliable indicator would be the gossip from others about your behavior, or the behavior of the people around you, during that time. The other signs include an extreme hangover (despite having drunk little or no alcohol), a sense of having “real dreams” or hallucinations, and no clear memory of what happened during an 8 or 24-hour period.

What Are The Common Date Rape Drugs?

While the types of date rape drugs run the gauntlet today, here’s a sampling of a few of the popular, and most potent, substances. The first drug is called GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyrate. GHB is a central nervous system sedative which is also called “liquid ecstasy” and “Grievous Bodily Harm”. It can cause dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and unconsciousness, but it can lead to sezures and a coma.

Rohypnol is a very potent sedative, which is also called “roofies”. It cases the user to feel intoxicated, and have an impaired judgement, slurred speech and reduced mobility. The effects can quickly be feltin just ten minutes, and may last for 8 hours.

Ketamine is a drug that is intended for veterinary use. It’s popularly called different names like “Cat Valium”, “Vitamin K”, and “Special K”. It can cause amnesia, impaired motor function and amnesia. If taken in high doses, it can lead to depression, high blood pressure and serious respiratory problems.

If you spot any of these tell-tale date rape drug signs or symptoms, go to the hospita quickly and have yourself checked-up. And if you want to have a fun (and safe) evening, don’t prowl the bars, but instead call the lovely and alluring Sydney escorts nsw in your area!

SEX Tips: 3 Unexpected Foods to Avoid Before Sex!

I was having a weekend shopping trip with my wife last week when I accidentally stumbled into a conversation about various foods that we should avoid before having SEX! That’s weird.

It rooted from a gorgeous lady who suddenly approached us. She’s actually my wife’s long lost friend who eventually became one of the renowned Sydney Escorts NSW. Well, that was stunning!

There are lots of foods that she actually mentioned. But these 3 (below) really strikes me like an arrow! (They’re my favorites!) And to assure that what I heard is true, I did some researches. Anyway, she was totally right.

hot-dog-variety1. Hot dogs

“Don’t be upset hot dog lovers!”

In spite of the fact that this food is most loved in any celebration, it’s still listed as a threat in boosting your sex drive. What?!

According to Jacqueline Richard, Psyd, an affirmed sex specialist in Santa Barbara, CA., “The late spring staple’s high immersed fat substance obstructs the penile and vaginal courses, making not really prime circumstances for a hot time.”

So, instead of hot dogs, Dr. Richard proposes fish tacos! Its omega-3 unsaturated fats can help the cardiovascular realm – to aid sexual boost.

Peppermint2. Peppermint

“I know…awful breath is a mood killer.”

Of course, you have to put out that bad breath (at least). But you should also know that the menthol in peppermint has been shown to diminish testosterone levels – sending sex drive plunging, explains by Dr. Richard.

The truth is chewing actually brings more air into your body’s framework – making you burp! But if mint’s a must before the ‘gig,’ Robyn Youkilis, a guaranteed well-being mentor and author of Your Healthiest You recommends peppermint tea. It’s moderately low in menthol and more superior to gum for digestion.

french fries3. French Fries

“Say no to Mr. potatoes!”

If erotic adventures are what you’re aiming for, certainly, avoid eating everyone’s favorite – French fries!

(Especially before diving to sexual battle) Its trans-fat content can contrarily affect testosterone levels and digestion. Plus, its high salt substance can also make it trickier for those men who have hypertension in sustaining erection.

If you’re craving for potatoes, Dr. Richard suggests consuming a baked one instead. It releases the chemical dopamine, enhancing your time between the sheets. But if you couldn’t resist it…oh, your best asset is in trouble!

Now, realise it? Share this to your friends!

Facades of Innocence Used in Covering Erotic Attraction

When it comes to discussing matters about the matter of eroticism, there isn’t really a distinctive line that states which ones are acceptable and which ones are not. Men have it easy, they simply rely on what makes their stick hard but when it comes to dwelling on what attracts them, it can become a bit complicated.

Sex Appeal

girl with glassesMajority of the girls who wear glasses feel that they are superbly unattractive yet when you ask a man’s perception on such, they would say the absolute opposite. A number of men find glassy characters to be different from the usual ones because they exude a different version of sexuality. Intelligence is hot and guys like girls who know how to reason in the right moments.


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Guys love to be caressed which they really appreciate when women lead the acts. These pretty sirens spice up things nice and slow making men count on as tension extremely builds up. Excitement is just a hasty time but this would light your sensations Also, gentlemen love to deliver excitement to their woman.

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Your Porn Star Experience with Christine McQueen

I was in high school when I had the opportunity to fuck up a girl with horny legs and a natural D-Cup breast, as if she was a true porn star. I accidentally saw her playing with her boob’s and pussy inside the bedroom during my friend’s victory ball party. She was lying in bed while closing her eyes and doing her thing, while I was watching her pleasurably. Her moan made me draw closer to her and intuitively tip toed towards the bed. I started squeezing her breast while my other hand pushed under her skirt…until everything becomes wet and wild…and from that moment on, my fetishes with a porn star started to flare up. — Christine McQueen

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